Monday, March 19, 2012

What did Justin Bieber ever do to you?

It appears that my family has an unreasonable amount of hostility towards a certain teen idol...

Exhibit A:
Nathan: "I don't like Justin Bieber."
Natalie: "No one likes Justin Bieber."
Nathan: "I bet Jesus likes Justin Bieber."
Natalie: "Well, Jesus likes everyone so that doesn't count..."

Exhibit B:
Greg: "Somehow Justin Bieber is going to find a way to ruin my Christmas."

Exhibit C:
Natalie: "Justin Bieber is a punching maniac."
Me: "What does that mean??"
Natalie: "He punches a lot of his fans."
Me: "Where'd you hear that?"
Natalie: "Oh mom, everyone knows that. He should be in jail, really."
Nathan: "...Wait, I thought Justin Bieber wasn't a real person. Fake people can't go to jail..."

Maybe they're on to something. 
Come to think of it, his dumb hair DOES make me want to lash out irrationally. 
And he kind of looks like a girl. 
And his clothes are stupid. (Fingerless mittens, Justin? Really?)

Oh yeah, wait... what did Justin Bieber ever do to me?

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  1. guys should watch his video documentary "never say never." Luke started watching it and when I walked by I was like, "this is dumb, what is this" and then somehow I got sucked in and couldn't look away it was super interesting. :)